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What is a Golden Visa?

A Golden Visa is a residency permit granted to individuals through property investment in the country. Wealthy persons who wish to live and travel throughout Europe without the restrictions, can buy a property or invest a substantial amount of money in the country’s economy to qualify. This would allow them to travel freely through the EU Schengen zone without restriction.

List of Countries Offering a Golden Visa

The following Golden Visa countries offer residency through investment:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Cyprus
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Malta
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • The United Kingdom
  • The United States of America

Requirements for a golden Visa in Greece

To quality for a Greek Golden Visa, you must take one of the following investments:

  • Invest in real estate worth at least 250,000. (can be combined)
  • Invest in at least €400,000 in Greek government bonds
  • Invest €400,000 or more in a Greek-owned company
  • Invest a minimum of €400,000 in Greek banks

Benefits of The Program

  • You don't have to live in the country before applying.
  • Multiple investment options can be combined to qualify.
  • Visa is suitable for five years and can be renewed every five years as long as the investment is held.
  • Greek citizenship is granted after seven years of residence.
  • Freedom to travel in the Schengen Zone for all family members
  • The visa can include the spouse and children up to 21 years of age.

Why Invest in a Golden Visa Program?

With the uncertainty in the world these days, many people are looking to obtain residency and citizenship in other countries. Typically, the residency requirements dictate that a person must live in the country for a specific number of years ( 5 to 10 years) before residency is granted. But, for those who wish to buy real estate as an investment or a second home, the golden visa program offers the perfect opportunity.

The Greek Golden Visa Program grants a 5 -year residency permit for a 250,000 Euro real estate investment. The reason this is beneficial is that it is the lowest investment requirement of countries offering the program.

Wealthy business people from Middle Eastern and Asian countries often have business contracts in different areas. Living in Greece can travel through the EU Schengen zone without a visa is a great benefit.

Greece allows you to buy multiple properties to meet the investment requirement. They can be residences or commercial properties, perfect for opening up a new office location for your business. The country also allows you to rent out a residential property, which is an excellent return on your investment.

There are not many international companies operating in Greece. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to expand their business operations in the country. If you run a business and create employment opportunities, you are supporting the country's economy.

Another benefit of the golden visa program is that you can bring your family with you. Your spouse and children under the age of 21 are covered by the plan as well. A young adult child over the age of 21 may be covered if classified as a dependent.

Benefits of Living in Greece

1. Low Cost of Living

Greece is a beautiful destination for those looking to relocate due to its low cost of living. The main things like food, transportation, and entertainment are relatively inexpensive compared to other places. The closer you are to the typical tourist areas, the higher the cost will be. If you live like a local, meaning shop at local supermarkets and use public transportation, you can get by for much less than if you lived in a "trendy" area.

2. Low Crime Rates

The crime rates in Greece are much lower than in the U.S. and other European countries. You will feel safe here, no matter what time of day. There is the occasional petty theft related to tourists, so you should be on your guard and be aware of your surroundings.

3. Temperature


The climate is very mild, with warm summers and cool winters. It is a coastal area, so there is plenty of sunshine and beautiful scenery to take in. If you want a place that is neither too hot nor too cold, this is it. You will probably need air conditioning if you come in the summertime.

4. So many Things to See

Living in Greece, you have the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful and historic places on earth. The city of Athens, the Parthenon, the Greek Islands, the Acropolis, and Mount Olympus are just a few of the places you can tour and see first-hand as a non-tourist. Santorini has beautiful beaches and is most often pictured in any area because it is so beautiful and charming.

5. Learning About Greek Culture

Learn about the Greek culture from museums and many of the UNESCO World Heritage sites located in the country, such as Delphi's archeological site, the Temple of Apollo, and the archeological site of Olympus. Greece's architecture includes tall columns, beautiful sculptures, and hand-carved designs that decorate some of the oldest standing buildings in history. Greek cuisine is another benefit of living in the Mediterranean. The local dishes are based on wheat, olive oil, and wine. Dishes include meat, fish, vegetables, olive oil, and all types of grains.

There are many reasons to consider investing in the Greek Golden Visa program. It is an easy way to secure residency in a beautiful country with less crime and more opportunities than the U.S. and some other European countries.